Legalizing Marijuana

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an awesome documentary on the victims of the war on drugs, which costs our government 100 million dollars every year, talking to the victims about how getting caught with a little bit of marijuana has nearly or has ruined their lives. As well as other ridiculous accounts accounts of arrests and deaths due to marijuana such as life sentences for 2 ounces of weed, death of an elderly lady due to a botched raid of her house for medical marijuana, and the death of another elderly lady due to a heart attack because the DEA entered the wrong house during a drug raid.

Our President Elect on how the war on drugs is an utter failure!

Sites that support the cause:
good article on one of the most influential marijuana activists in North America Marc Emery aka "The Prince of Pot". political group in Canada. article on how California will vote to pass a bill that says anyone can grow,sell, or buy marijuana. Taxing 5$'s for every 8th bought and 50$'s for every plant grown. This allows more tax's and jobs for Californians. beginners guide to the legalization of marijuana Ron Paul one of America's most influential advocates of the legalization of marijuana Article on Obama admitting to smoking in high school with a good thread underneath adding good information for and against Legalizing weed.
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