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  • The use of chemical and biological weapons in war was prohibited in 1925 as a result of universal abhorrence at their effects on First World War soldiers.
  • In the mid 1900s we began working on counter-bioterrorism defense.
  • According to the University of Pittsburg Medical Centers, since the end of 2001 14.5 billion dollars have been spent in the area of civilian bioterrorism defense.

Podcast Information
"Just War Theory & Chemical/Biological Weapons" by Professor Larry May. This podcast is 1 hour 16 minutes long. It discusses the rules of war and how you determine what is banned and what is not. The point that it is making is that we have allowed killing but not using biological weapons. Professor Larry May says that there are gray lines and it is hard to determine what is wrong. He brings up the difference between poisoning water supplies and mining harbors and poisoning water supplies is the only one banned. One could argue that poisoning the water supplies is devistating to the population invovled but so is mining harbors because it cuts off the food supplies to the population. With this you could also say that mining harbors is worse because it would lead to a slow death rather than a quick death.

Information from Interview with Expert
  • The U.S. began making biological weapons around 1969 and continued to until Nixon's term.
  • The major side effects of biological weapons are beyond death. Other side effects include hurting agriculture and with some types of biological agents, it could hurt entire industries. An example of this is if the U.S. was infected with mad cow disease, people would not buy meat from our country for years for fear of contracting mad cow disease.
  • Many countries have agreed to stop making biological weapons but no nations are admitting to using these weapons. Iraq and Russia have been thought to have these weapons.
  • The problem with biological weapons is that although we have stopped making these weapons, they do not go away and there are many left overs from when we did make them. There is no easy way to destroy these weapons with out harming some kind of living organism.


Education Video on Biological Warfare
Here is a great educational video on Biological Warfare. It US civil defense propaganda film from 1951. This is a little outdated but shows the history of Biological Warfare.

U.S. Testing Biological Weapons on Citizens
Here are two videos about how the Army tested biological weapons on citizens. This shows the extreme effects theses weapons have.
Army Tested Biological Weapons On U.S. Citizens part 1 of 2

Army Tested Biological Weapons On U.S. Citizens part 2 of 2

AIDS as Biological Weapon
This video is an interesting thought. It talks about how the U.S. made AIDs to deal with over population and also infected other growing countries such as Brazil, Nigeria, and other countries to stop them from becoming powerful.

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