This powerpoint has all the links to the pictures and information that I got to make this video.

This is my final project.
I used animoto to create this video. I hope it shows you what it is like for homosexuals to live in Iran

Gay Rights

My final project is going to be on Gay Rights in Iran. I thought that most people know what is going on in the U.S. with Gay Rights, so I wanted to enlighten people on the issues going on in other countries, such as Iran.

This is my blog. It will have some information on this topic that you can look at and comment on.

This picture is of two boys, one 18 and the other 16, who were hung for being Homosexuals, in Iran.
They also had to go through 228 lashes before they were hung in front of a huge crowd.
If you want the whole story go to this website.


This is a youtube video that I thought everyone should watch. This shows the President of Iran saying that they do not have gays in his country. He doesn't know why people are saying that they have gays in his country because it's only the European countries that have them.

If you want some quick information about Gay Rights in Iran, go to this website.
It's very interesting because they don't believe in having Gay Rights but it has been legal to get a sex change since the 1980's. Their government is mostly just stongly against Sodomy. That is why if two men are suspected of being homosexuals they are sentenced to death. While women who have practiced homosexuality only get 100 lashes; but if they are caught four times they are executed.

In these videos, it shows what life is like for Gays in Iran. They live their lives in fear every day. They are in fear of being themselves, becuase if they are they could be killed. It was made into 3 youtube videos and I placed them in order from left to right.