CancerBrief Facts: For the past month, I have been blogging all about Cancer. My blog includes It's effects, treatment options, statistics, and the secular issue that cancer has become. I have also kept up a delicious account with links involving cancer. With the amount of cancer cases increasing, not just here in America, it important to know the facts. Cancer, although there is no cure established yet, is not a death sentence and that needs to be kept in mind.
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Cell Phones May Link to Cancer:
Although this theory is very difficult to prove, many scientists have been studying the possibility that cell phones many contribute different types of cancer. Because kids are relying more and more on cell phone uses, this makes this issue even more relevant. In this case however, text messaging might actually be a good thing. The highest risk is when you hold your actual cell phone up to your ear. They think that kids may be at a higher risk then adults because their brains are still developing. With out concrete evidence however, this claim is still very controversial. And because of this lack of evidence, it is hard to take this warning as seriously as it really is. Here is a very interesting article involving this topic.

Relay For Life
Relay for Life is a great fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. This fundraiser brings the community together to honor and remember friends and family who have lost their lives or even survived cancer. Multiple teams are created to raise money any way that they can. This money benefits cancer research and future discoveries in the medical field. Teams are very creative and sell fun items such as food, games, and prizes. Our school has participated in the Relay for Life for four consecutive years and is still involved in this great event. This fundraiser is a lot fun and goes to a great cause. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit this website.

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