Media Censorship

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What is it?

Media Censorship is the act of preventing the publication of news or information that is to be broadcast to the general public

Why do it?

A government or other authority would seek to censor its media/ internet for a multitude of reasons. Two of the main reasons are as follows: One, the information being censored has been deemed to be either illegal or inappropriate. And second, and probably the most important reason is that a government bay be trying to manipulate the its people and it does this by only showing its people what it wants them to see, and keeping them from seeing the whole picture which would lead people to think a certain way.

Humanitarian Aspect

We as humans, not just Americans, deserve the right to have access to whatever information we feel is necessary for our safety and well being. Especially here in America, if those rights are taken from us then we lose our Firest Amendment rights and by extension we lose a piece of ourselves that makes America, America. But, as i said, this is as much a global issue as it is a national issue.

What are some ramifications?

Democracy is based on the freedom to share and discuss ideas and information, hence the first amendment to the constitution. And censoring the media takes away a poulation's ability to share and discuss fore mentioned ideas and information, which is something that a general public needs to be able to do on a constant basis if they are to be able to think for themselves and create their own well educated opinions. This will all be lost and a hefty toll will be taken on a society that has an implimented censorship law or laws.

Is there an international effort being made?

The World Press Freedom Committee has provided leadership for more than 30 years in the fight against licensing of journalists, mandatory codes of conduct, mandatory tasks for journalists and other news controls. Originally created to wage an eventually successful global struggle in and around intergovernmental organizations to beat back authoritarian proposals for a restrictive “new world information and communication order,” the WPFC has gone on to administer the only global program for systematically monitoring press freedom issues at UNESCO, the U.N. and other intergovernmental organizations on behalf of press freedom groups.
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